11th APHA film festival focuses on digital media literacy

APHA film fest 2014


The rapid proliferation of electronic devices and their widespread ownership and use have given us all unprecedented access to, and ability to consume images and information from a broader number of sources than every before. However, our societies have been slow to pick up on and address some of the adverse consequences of this trend. In a special session at this year’s APHA film festival on Monday 17th Nov, organised by Dr Pam Luna will show extended clips from Beware of Images, The Mask You Live In and Hot Girls Wanted along with presentations by the directors or others involved in the making of the films to open the debate about digital media literacy as a key public health prevention/ intervention strategy.




On Sat 15th film and media expert Sergio Toporek, of the Vancouver (Canada) Film School and Director of the acclaimed new documentary Beware of Images, will be running a workshop for public health professionals to help develop and enhance their skills and abilities to create powerful media messages that promote health and well-being. Attendees will be guided through a process of deep understanding on the role and power of visual communication and it’s influence on the attitudes, intentions and behaviors of individuals and populations.