How does a blind person cross the road?

The Public Health Film Society were delighted to attend the ‘Sea of Change’ Film Event at the House of Lords on the 3rd of December. The event coincided with the 21st Birthday of the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities This film premier dangers and difficulties faced by people with low vision and hearing in crossing roads within new ‘shared space’ traffic schemes. These roads make it hard for people with low vision to travel independently.

The event also included films from Ecuador, Nigeria and Kenya about the difficulties people with low vision face navigating road systems in those countries.

Sarah Gayton and her film makers Rohini Malwana and @film2240 have created a great campaign to highlight the issue. Speakers included David Bates from the National Federation of the Blind, UK; Professor John Ashton, President of the UK Faculty of Public Health; Lord Low of Dalston and Lynne Featherstone from the Department of International Development.

Selena Godden gave an inspirational poetry reading, which can be hear here:

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