President of the Faculty of Public Health and the Shadow Public Health Minister to speak at PHFS event in Liverpool in the new year

On January 10th 2015, Professor John Ashton, President of the Faculty of Public Health and Luciana Berger MP, Shadow Public Health Minister will be joined at the Bluecoat in Liverpool by architects, planners and film-makers to discuss one of the most topical subjects in next year’s general election, the critical shortage of housing in the UK and its effects on public health.

The event co-organised by the Public Health Film Society (Northwest branch) and the Journal Architecture_MPS, includes a screening of ‘The Dilapidated Dwelling’ by the acclaimed director Patrick Keiller along with other film screenings, talks and panel discussions on housing and health and their representation on film.

The event will herald the start of Housing-Critical Futures, an international architectural, social and art project aimed at examining the problems and possible solutions on to the crisis in affordable, healthy, and sustainable housing that plagues countries across the globe.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join Professor Ashton, Luciana Berger and many others for the start of this interesting and important debate. Details available at the following websites:


Link to a copy of the event flyer – PHFS AMPS flyer_10012015