That Sugar Film – screening on 4th March

The Public Health Film Society and The Oxford Global Health Group present: SPOTLIGHT ON SUGAR

LOCATION: Lecture theatre, Green Templeton College (


DATE: 4th March

TIME:  6.45 – 9.15 pm, doors open at 6.30


The event will begin with a short introduction from Prof Mike Rayner, followed by a screening of “That Sugar Film”. Finally, there will be an interactive discussion to consider issues raised by the film with Prof Rayner and Jenny Rosborough from Action on Sugar.



Free refreshments and drinks will be provided.


Sugar consumption has more than tripled worldwide in the past 50 years, contributing to an elevated burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and certain forms of cancer. Developing countries bear the crippling burden of both chronic NCDs and infectious diseases, and there is an urgent global need to regulate the addition and consumption of sugar.


Mike Rayner is Professor of Population Health at the University of Oxford Nuffield Department of Population Health and Director of the British Heart Foundation Centre on Population Approaches for Non-Communicable Disease Prevention, based in the department. The Centre carries out research in several key areas including diet and nutrition; obesity, especially in children; and the health impact of environmentally sustainable diets.


Jenny Rosborough is the Campaign Manager of Action on Sugar, a group of specialists concerned with sugar and its effects on health; the group is successfully working to reach a consensus with the food industry and Government over the harmful effects of a high sugar diet, and bring about a reduction in the amount of sugar in processed foods.  Previously, Jenny has worked as a consultant for the NHS, and with the International child weight management programme MEND, writing intervention programmes and delivering training to health professionals across the UK, North America and in the Netherlands.